Courses that I taught in CIS at Clarion.
CIS 110 Introduction to Computer Information Systems
CIS 217 Applications of Microcomputers
CIS 223 Computer Programming COBOL
CIS 300 Event-Driven Programming
CIS 301 Computer Systems Analysis
CIS 302 Information Systems Auditing and Security
CIS 303 Local Area Networks
CIS 304 Internet Programming
CIS 305 Artificial Intelligence in Decision-Making
CIS 308 Client-Server Programming
CIS 309 Functional Programming
CIS 317Advanced Microcomputing
CIS 324 Data Structure and File Utilization COBOL
CIS 355 Operating Systems
CIS 402 Database Management Systems
CIS 403 Data Communications
CIS 460 Programming Languages and Computation Theory
CIS 462 Simulation and Modeling